The Geniuses of Creative Key

Maha Al Balushi
Master Key

I'm the master mind behind Creative KEY , I lead by example, passionate about my business and I believe that with my team we make it happen.

Educational background:

Maters degree with Merit at The University of Nottingham.

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Freddy Akl
Ignition Key

I have degrees in almost everything related to media, i have an experience in the media industry for over 25 years & yet still learning...

Hmoud Al Busaidi
PR Key

I’m passionate about my client’s, and I believe that connections and great relations are the master KEY of any business.

Asayl Al Mawali
Accounts Key

One of the main strength that i have is turning clients to friends. Working with me is professional, smooth and friendly at the same time

Saud Al Fuleiti
Editing Key

A Photographer and Filmmaker. Worked with big organizations and in multiple projects.

I'm capable of what I promise
and when I promise I deliver !

Said Al Ghammari
Shooting Key

Photographer and Graphics Video Graduate of the College of Higher Technology, Photography is not just a hobby, its my passion, life and career

Malaak Al Masroori
Account Key

I am in my early 20s, passionate and excited about what am doing, I enjoy working with clients I always aim to make my clients happy and satisfied